Over 4,000 inspections performed and 10,000 hours since 1999!

The purchase or sale of a home or property is one of the most significant single investment or transaction you will ever make. Hometech Property Inspection Services, LLC has 20+ years background in the building and remodeling field, trained by a master craftsman. Each year we inspect hundreds of properties in New Hampshire estimated at over 10 million dollars’ worth of real estate by educating clients and minimizing any unexpected repairs and expenses about a newly constructed or existing house before the purchase. Pricing is based according to square footage and age of the property when calling to schedule an inspection.

Home Inspections in Salem NH

A thorough and objective evaluation by a NH licensed experienced professional home inspector, provides the information needed to make an informed buying decision and provides peace of mind.

All of our inspections are conducted according to the New Hampshire standards of practice and code of ethics. We are proud to be a certified inspector of the National and Northern New England Chapter of ASHI, with over 20+ hours of continuing educational training per year.

American Society of Home Inspectors Certified

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We provide the client with a pleasant and informative Homebuying Experience, which goes beyond the inspection by providing you with a full and courteous service.

After the inspection, Hometech will email you with using the latest 3D software inspection report in a PDF format.

  • Chimneys / Flashings
  • Attic / Insulation
  • Kitchen / Bathrooms
  • Windows / Doors
  • All Interior Rooms
  • Garage(s)
  • Decks / Porches
  • Roof Inspection
  • Roofing / Ventilation
  • Heating / Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Structure / Framing
  • Exterior Siding / Trim
  • Foundation / Grading

Additional services include:

  • Water Analysis
  • Radon in water
  • (FHA-VA Criteria
  • Pest Inspection
  • Radon in air
  • Septic Inspections


Why Choose Hometech To Do Your Home Inspections in Salem NH?

Whether it’s your first home, townhouse or condominium, at Hometech, we conduct detailed, professional, thorough, inspections. For more than two decades, we have focused on providing our customers with efficient, high quality, trustworthy home inspections.



  • Very Punctual, compassionate home inspector, available to answer all your definitive questions
  • Coordinated home inspection to report detailed and concise findings
  • Our Home inspections in Salem will pinpoint all the relevant issues and put them into perspective, which will help you make your decision from the provided facts and data.
  • Prompt electronic reporting of your home conditions to help guide your financial decisions
  • Our Home inspections in Salem will make you aware all the relevant issues and put them into perspective, which will help you make your decision from the provided facts and data.




Your home is usually the most substantial investment you’ll ever make, yet several people do so not knowing the condition of the property they are acquiring.Structure Inspections in Salem NH

That’s why selecting an experienced and professional property inspector is such a wise, valuable investment!

At Hometech Property Inspection, we provide a visual non-destructive examination of the structure and systems of your home, from the foundation to the roof.

All inspections are conducted by a completely unbiased MA licensed inspector who is highly trained with more than twenty years of Home Inspection experience.

Based on Hometech’s experience, we’re conscious of the emotions present during any real estate purchase and know how relevant the content is to be delivered in a timely fashion. We’ll provide you with a computer generated (PDF) report within two business days.

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At Hometech Property Inspection, we’re believers of verbal and written communication, which is fundamental in the industry of buying, selling, and home inspections. Home buyers could easily make mistakes without all of the proper information before they purchase the home that could also cause difficulties in maintaining it in the future.

Having past experience in the building and consulting field makes it easier for us to be dedicated with the proper communication skills to answer all your questions. On the day of the inspection it is recommended that you attend so you can accompany the inspector and learn the first-hand issues found within the home. To reinforce what you have seen at the inspection, you’ll receive a written report with color photos. You’re encouraged to contact your inspector via phone, email, or text with any questions you may have.



Electrical Inspections in Salem NHOur home inspection reports are easy to read and well organized. They include descriptions of systems and components that need (Repairs, Maintenance, Safety issues, etc.) precisely written with comments and color photos.

Reports are formulated with an overview summary following with sections on (Structure, Framing, Electric, Plumbing, Heating, etc.) that are easy-to-read and very descriptive.

Within 48 hours after the home inspection, usually early the following morning, your digital PDF report can easily be accessed from any mobile device and computer.


Scheduling A Home Inspection in Salem

Your time is important to us. Making ourselves accessible to you throughout the inspection process. We pride ourselves on our proficiency and our detailed inspection reports. We are here to help you make an informed buying decision.

Today, the home acquisition process is moving faster than ever before. To better serve you, we are available during regular business hours and weekends. Limited accommodations are available.


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